Since our establishment in 1997, Malaysia-based Company Eminent Food Industries Sdn Bhd has become a strong player in the fruit jams and honey manufacturing industry, with a niche in different product offerings.

As a company that is certified with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), we use our-own set of measurements in selecting fruits and other sources, with strict rulings in every part of the manufacturing process.

We are really particular in food safety and hygiene levels for our products. Our hygiene care is not only limited to the machine cleanliness but also in covering raw ingredients. The highest priority for hygiene care is given to raw ingredient, followed by machine, personnel and working environment. Nonetheless, the highest standards are adopted when it comes to hygiene care.
One of our selling points is that all our jams are made from the finest, freshest fruits and certified “Halal” for the Muslim Community. This also applies for our honey because it comes from pure matured honey.

Providing quality products at a reasonable price is the company’s business policy, with a passion to cater to the needs of different market segments. To fulfill our cost efficient policy, we carry out our cost management strategies such as bulk purchasing for raw materials and simplifying the manufacturing process.

We are efficient in manufacturing and production planning with good business management. With that, we manage to run the business at a very low cost compared to our competitors.
Besides, Eminent Food Industries also emphasize on customer service and provide necessary consultations to the customers. We carry a flexible business structure that can help in formulating the product base on customers’ requirement.

Customers are our partners” will always be our business ambition because we know the importance of growing together with our customers.
As a consumer market-driven company, we cater to mass consumption and institutional areas, which includes bakeries, confectionaries and catering outlets.

We manufacture the products for the companies and brands covering United States, Vietnam, Fiji, Maldives United States, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Singapore, Middle East and Canada market. Besides, we also want to tap into Europe market.
We produce various fruit jam products, which includes Apple, Apricot, Blackcurrant, Blueberry, Cherry, Grape, Mango, Orange Marmalade, Peach, Pineapple, Raspberry, Strawberry and Mixed Fruits.

Our products are widely distributed, available almost everywhere in Malaysia (including East Malaysia). End consumers can get it from most of the retail shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets etc.
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